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pops in the park map testing

kaylie and i had a great time with our family!! carter loved deciphering the clues and finding where the sculpture was on the map. mother brooke, was ecstatic to collect her sticker at each station, and then going through all the fun photos to then post on instagram with their assigned hashtag. once we found all the sculptures the kids wanted to keep taking pictures with pop, he laid in the bed of flowers and went and smelled the tulips. thank you to our wonderful participants! they were great! we really enjoyed their company and feedback.

improvement feedback//

color code question marks next to clues with the ones on the map to make locating them easier for those not familiar with all the sculptures in the park

#s on schedule portion of brochure to link directly to map

add universal hashtag for other photos of pop. #popsinthepark25

and then michele & beth from the nelson would like the hair to come back, but to keep the color in concept.

pops! nelson crit draft

for the final project in ux we are working with the nelson atkins museum. we’ve been assigned to help create the pieces for their summer sculpture park activation. this year it’s called pops in the park, and will be on father’s day. partnered with kaylie with this project, this is the¬†draft we mocked up! we created a pops character that you take around on an adventure through the park. the map comes with a pop out of pops for which you follow the clues to take photographs with pops and tag them for a chance to win a membership to the museum. still needs a variety of refinement and perhaps a little more fun on the back and front covers. but so far so good.

website group mid crit


-unpin sun on laps page, make transparent


-show order some how on sorting pages

-figure out vertical scroll issue

-love illustration style

-pixely rollover nav box

-tree growing out of car?

-change up hierarchy of info graph with title of train

-color? NO.

-tracking, mile marker?

-add about and info graph index to navigation

-home is a personal blurb, pictures, maybe conductor doodle

collection website beginnings

after photographing the trains on their actual scale tracks, i created some doodles to contrast with the realistic photographs. the drawings bring in the whimsy and quirky feeling that i intended for the feel of my collection website.

week 10 reading response

[An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates]


rrrrrghh. the analogy to pirate was quite interesting. his ideals for a pirate make a lot of sense and reinforce having a balanced lifestyle. everyone wants a hard worker, but the other interests, activities, and travels are what make you stand out as a person that could fit with the company. have a passion for other things. your different outlook and perspective from your background and experiences can be your key selling points as you market your brand.

acme final

Rockabilly originated as a music genre featuring artists like Elvis and Stray Cats. Currently, rockabilly is a fashion trend for both men and women. To gain the look, add a little grease to your hair, red on your lips, and/or top it with a clean shave. Rockabilly people hang out at car shows and can portray a tough attitude. I took inspiration from their interests and attire to create the branding system for Acme, a cosmetics line catered to this fashion trend.