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website group mid crit


-unpin sun on laps page, make transparent


-show order some how on sorting pages

-figure out vertical scroll issue

-love illustration style

-pixely rollover nav box

-tree growing out of car?

-change up hierarchy of info graph with title of train

-color? NO.

-tracking, mile marker?

-add about and info graph index to navigation

-home is a personal blurb, pictures, maybe conductor doodle

collection website beginnings

after photographing the trains on their actual scale tracks, i created some doodles to contrast with the realistic photographs. the drawings bring in the whimsy and quirky feeling that i intended for the feel of my collection website.

infograph sketches + wireframes

infograph sketches//


sitemap //

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.29.40 AM


in class sorting activity//

“that’s my life savings”

next for information architecture, time to construct a website around a collection of items. i’ve got my hands on some of my dad’s model train collection. i sat down with him and wrote out some facts for each train.