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informational interviews

week 10 reading response

[An HR Lesson From Steve Jobs: If You Want Change Agents, Hire Pirates]


rrrrrghh. the analogy to pirate was quite interesting. his ideals for a pirate make a lot of sense and reinforce having a balanced lifestyle. everyone wants a hard worker, but the other interests, activities, and travels are what make you stand out as a person that could fit with the company. have a passion for other things. your different outlook and perspective from your background and experiences can be your key selling points as you market your brand.

midterm thoughts

overall i think i am on the right track. i had a good time coming up with logo concepts and think that i created something that demonstrates my style of work. i struggled a bit as we began to dive into the portfolio site. the difference of having a wordpress blog verse a wordpress site was a lot more complicated than i imagined. and i just didn’t find the patience to figure out how to access the components of the theme and get it looking right. i don’t see myself working on ui when i graduate so i just opted into switching to using virb. and life got a lot easier and made a lot more sense to me. my goals are to keep on going. really grasp who i am as a brand and to gear that towards the direction of design or whatever i want to do when i graduate. i think there is going to be some awesome experiential exploration with what i can do with my leave behinds and printed portfolio.

week 6 and 7 reading response

[64 interview questions]

this was very thorough in answering every possible question that could come up during the interview process. There were a few questions that i hadn’t really thought about before. i think the most valuable concept that comes from reading this article is that being prepared is key. i don’t think you should have to rehearse your interview beforehand because you want to still be genuine and conversational with the interviewer, but i do think that it is a great idea to be some what prepared. especially when it comes to the basic questions of what are your strengths, why you want to work there, what makes you a good fit. having a handle on these answers should allow you to be confident and give you the ability to build off those answers to also confidently answer the questions that follow. just know the key selling points about your talent and then just be yourself and show your personality.

[#the50 things every creative should know]

i feel like this list should go on forever. i love the idea of the short 140 character thought bubble. i think a reoccurring theme is to get out of the studio. go explore and work in different environments. the most resonant with me is to not underestimate self-initiated work. personal projects allow for creative freedom and aren’t bogged down by any restricts, therefore they can have some of the best outcomes.

week 5 reading response

[what interviewers wish they could tell every job candidate]

good advice. i think one thing i know i need to work on is eye contact. not just during interviews but daily life. eye contact makes me feel weird. when i’m talking to someone i tend to look somewhere else…time to change that. and find my ‘stand out’ tagline. since i’m moving away from bri like the cheese. no more bringing a light snack to interviews. darn. of course, always ask questions. and be prepared with a solid answer for why you want the job and to be apart of the particular company. finally, be kind. send a thank you. all things to never forget to do when snagging that dream experience.

portfolio site testing



square space

i kinda dug virb. actually did not really mesh with square space. and dunked seemed to be the most logical of the three to me. however, now i definitely would like to stick with wordpress. i am much more familiar and comfortable working in wordpress since i’ve been using it for my process blog from the get go. plus it allows for options of customization…if i dare, which i might.

here are the themes that i might use//

haven / fine liner [fav] / only / leviate / bella studio / quick step / fashion inc / the two and three