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portfolio site testing



square space

i kinda dug virb. actually did not really mesh with square space. and dunked seemed to be the most logical of the three to me. however, now i definitely would like to stick with wordpress. i am much more familiar and comfortable working in wordpress since i’ve been using it for my process blog from the get go. plus it allows for options of customization…if i dare, which i might.

here are the themes that i might use//

haven / fine liner [fav] / only / leviate / bella studio / quick step / fashion inc / the two and three

week 4 reading

[how awkward people can start non-awkward conversations]

basically, practice makes you confident. which completely makes sense. the more experience you have with something, the better you become. public speaking can be seen as a conversation. bring up topics that relate to the audience, allowing them to be continuously engaged. make your everyday conversations intentional practice for when you find yourself standing in front a crowd of people.


A shy man no doubt dreads the notice of strangers, but can hardly be said to be afraid of them. He may be as bold as a hero in battle, and yet have no self-confidence about trifles in the presence of strangers. CHARLES DARWIN

write about me.

bio + artist statement, headshot


and my current resume + cover letter. whichever new logo i decide on will dictate a new layout.



logo development//


week 3 readings

[brand called you]

basically, you are in charge of you. you are the only one that can put your life in motion. always be thinking of ways to promote and shine a positive light, on not just your work, but you as a person. use social media to show off your interests outside of work/school, allowing for employers to get a feel for how you will mesh with their environment. create a mission statement, and stick with it. don’t get dragged into static mode. keep the ball rolling exploring news ways to showcase a better you.


[my last portfolio sucked, yours might too]

just show me the work. don’t make it complicated. make it straight forward with full scale images of the work and no fancy navigation. wow the viewer within 10 secs. and of course, clearly show off your contact information.

words on words on words

who am i exercise//

curious, youthful, hands-on, thinker, logical, spontaneous, rational, independent, eccentric, determined, modest, analytical, skeptical, quiet, imaginative, career oriented, self-driven, builder, reserved, observer, laugher, smiler, optimist, realist, genuine, witty, introverted, intellectual, reliable, distracted, playful

i am an analytical thinker.