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acme final

Rockabilly originated as a music genre featuring artists like Elvis and Stray Cats. Currently, rockabilly is a fashion trend for both men and women. To gain the look, add a little grease to your hair, red on your lips, and/or top it with a clean shave. Rockabilly people hang out at car shows and can portray a tough attitude. I took inspiration from their interests and attire to create the branding system for Acme, a cosmetics line catered to this fashion trend.

rockabilly ideas

the products i’ve got here are hair pomade, cherry red lipstick, and hair tonic that i am transforming into after shave [i just liked this bottle better]


ux:5. rockabilly

next in user experience, time to morph into the mind set of a subculture to brand a collection of products. after drawing at random from my classmates choices, i landed with rockabilly. a fashion trend and music dominant culture. the pompadour, tattoos, leather jackets, cuffed jeans, car shows and good ol’rock and roll. mood boards below, as well as on pinterest.

the consumer //


the usage scenario //


visual research //