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making chart into a video


live action process shots: jemma was kind enough to be our “ashley” and her daughter, our now “jenny” instead of jacob. and a little dino came along too. then there was some apartment rearranging and a “doctor” dad.

our script:

Dropping of files/papers // one third of a physicians work day is taken up by paperwork to keep your medical records up to date. you, however don’t have easy access to this information about yourself

Animation of Logo // Introducing CHART, a system that connects healthcare and reshapes tomorrow by bridging the communication gap between you and your doctor.

Ashley walking to the computer // Meet Ashley. She is currently pregnant with her 2nd child and…

Logging into chart // uses CHART to keep tabs on herself and her family’s health. Since CHART contains very personal and confidential information an eye scan is required to log in to the application. Once verified, Ashley is brought to her home screen where she has the option to view her record information, look up and connect with her doctors, update her insurance and billing information and connect in the community with forums and support groups

Clicks on Doctors tab // Ashley has been feeling some discomfort and wants to get the opinion of her OBGYN. She goes to her doctors page to connect with Dr. Posey. Each Doctor profile includes a short bio along with contact information and accreditation. She notices that the video option is available so she  decides to chat with him face to face before scheduling an appointment

Video call // Dr. Posey  sees he has an opening and advises her to go ahead and come in for an appointment

Ashely walking into Dr. Office // As Ashley arrives at the Drs Office she receives notifications from the Chart app on her phone letting her know she’s been checked in via nearable technology. She is also prompted with the option to update her information while she waits to be seen, the notification automatically brings up the CHART mobile app. She uses the front facing camera on her phone to scan her eye. her two most recent notifications are at the top. She dismisses one of the notifications, then selects the other to make updates to her file. A form unfolds for her to fill in. Once completed, She is returned to the main page of her account.

Being shown into the exam room // Once Ashley’s vitals are taken, she is shown into the exam room.

Exam wall // The interactive wall welcomes Ashley as she waits for her doctor the wall syncs with her updated vitals taken by the nurse; such as her height, weight, temperature and blood pressure

Ipad Dr. Posey // Already login in, Dr. Posey checks his schedule, he see’s that Ashley is his next appointment. He goes to  her profile as he enters the exam room. He wants to show Ashley her recent sonogram. he sends all of the images to the interactive wall

Interactive wall // As they are discussing the images, an audio recording in the corner of the wall is taking notes on the dialog of the appointment for Ashley to access later. the wall also documents any written comments. He then moves on to talk about Ashley’s weight, the side bar unfolds to show information graphs regarding her pregnancy weight gain organized by trimesters. At the end of the appointment, the CHART logo saves the whole appointment and sends it into Ashley’s records

Leaves the appointment/push notifications // Shortly after Ashley’s appointment, her phone alerts her that there has been an update made to her records

Jenny’s phone // Later that day Ashley’s first child, Jenny, is alerted that it is time to check her blood sugar. Right now it’s lunch time,Jenny has type 1 diabetes, and needs to check her blood sugar throughout the day. Jenny logs in. CHART then brings up her account, The notification to check her glucose levels  brings her directly to her daily log, which shows the week so far the current day unfolds for her to start checking her levels. Jenny’s  meter syncs directly with her smart phone. CHART records the reading with little effort from Jenny. her current glucose levels are displayed to help the school nurse calculate the amount of insulin Jenny will need as well as what her levels have been for the past week. Once complete, the pre-lunch bar is filled in on the current days tab. Jenny’s entries sync on CHART and can be seen from the other platforms

Checking Jenny’s profile // Ashley knows that Jenny will be updating her lunch time log and returns to the CHART program on her computer to check her new entry. Jenny’s profile includes her health info as well as info graphs showing her growth. She reviews the graph showing Jenny’s glucose levels from the week and see’s that the most recent pre-meal entry has been made. With Chart Ashley is able to feel comfortable knowing that Jenny is in control of her own health when she’s not around

Chart logo // Chart: a multi platform application that connects you to your doctor and puts your healthcare in your pocket. Here’s to connecting healthcare and reshaping tomorrow.

all screens for chart

chart: connecting healthcare and reshaping tomorrow. with morgan and brittany, here are the design comps of how our cross platform system would play out.

scenario 1:

Ashley desktop: secure eye scan log in. video chat call with doctor to discuss symptoms.


Ashley iphone: arriving at the office automatically checks her in with nearable technology. and allows her to make any updates for her visit. and alerts her about additional information added to her records once her appointment is completed.

doctor iPad: schedule directly connected to patient records and allows for the doctor to push information to exam room wall.

exam room wall: interactive wall so both patient and doctor are able to have a clear view of any scans. wall also records any written notes and also verbal dialog.


and now scenario 2:

jacob iphone: chart allows young jacob to take care of his type 1 diabetes on his own. here is a daily log of checking blood sugar.

ashley desktop: any updates of jacob would be reflected in his records, which mother ashley has access to.


calendar motion

touchpoint of how the daily log calendar pieces could come into the screen

from the right, from the left. from the bottom, from the top. and then accordion-ed from the top.


introducing CHART / connecting healthcare and reshaping tomorrow Branding Studies2_Page_1Branding Studies2_Page_2Branding Studies2_Page_3Branding Studies2_Page_4Branding Studies2_Page_5

morgan, brittany, and i  went with the design that reveals connections between different entities; blurring the communication gap between doctors and their patients. the layers also reference the classic way of filing stacks of medical records. for colors we needed a scheme that was soothing, approachable, and secure.

and here is the final flush out of chart // CHART_Branding

digital site maps //

intro to windows and mirrors response

first off, whoa. it’s just mind blowing thinking back to those genius minds that came up with such a space as the world wide web. i thought this intro was quite interesting. structuralists versus designers. i think there is still some misunderstandings from either point view still today, but i think it is not as harsh. the quote of nielson saying “when they leave the theatre, you want them to be discussing how great the play was and not how great the costumes were,” sorta frustrates me. i feel you want the audience to leave talking about the entire experience not just the content maybe that’s just the designer in me talking. (i know i left the broadway showing of matilda with a strong image in my head of how awesome the set was.) computers today have for sure become a medium; the take on the combined rolls of books, photograph albums, television sets. and as we design for this medium we must keep in mind “every digital artifact oscillates between being transparent and reflective.”