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Final Presentation


and at the kcai patron preview the creative problem solving got tested and succeeded! 4 art prints were sold! pretty cool to get some instant feedback on how well the prints sell.


pup art!

the paintings weren’t really feeling quite right. and going along with the term pup art, the prints have taken a new direction. they now have a bright and fun pop art look. working on creating other elements for our system: a-frame poster, fb cover photo, pos display…

new design practice presentation

i bought my first Sevenly shirt back in year one, i first heard about Sevenly from my main youtube entertainer Grace Helbig. and ever since my first purchase to help end child war, my collection of hand lettered shirts has not stopped growing. content for my presentation came from when i sent over some interview questions last fall, see them here.

and here is the video that was in the beginning of the presentation

card prototype process

brittany and I have decided on creating art prints that would be for purchase and all proceeds would go back to the animal shelter to help provide a puppy or kitten with the vaccinations. there will also be a short live action video to go along with the prints to share on social. to appeal to our millennial audience, we are using playful language in the art print. here is where I have started with painting the cards. i’ve been struggling with with getting the paintings to feel clean and presentable, and they have taken a lot longer to paint than i have envisioned.

in the print package there would be a schedule that explains about what vaccines are needed, as well as a thank you on the back of the art print.

this has been a slow process. we’ve struggled with what exactly we are trying to communicate and what our call to action is supposed to be…

feedback and prototype ideas

research feedback from keith of the humane society //

draw attention to the fact that the low cost pet care is part of what funding goest to — the clinic doesn’t make money. not to quote specific euthanasia numbers — talk about concept without using percentages. / we really want to hit hard on the fact that we help dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized. / we want to pull their heartstrings so they’ll donate. We actually do have a shortage of adoptions happening. But we have a huge shortage in operating cash.

after recent events, we want to focus on sharing little rogan’s story and spreading the word about the quick acting parvovirus and the need to donate to shelters.

our big ideas are 1) educate about parvo 2) persuade importance of puppy vaccinations 3) encourage donations to allow shelters to be able to treat infected puppies with rooms for quarantine

we are meeting with keith wednesday to go over our design ideas, as well as put in our volunteer time! we are looking forward to creating a set of cards/small posters that have a handmade illustration of shelter dogs and then on the back has info graphic/stats about parvo. there would be a site with e-commerce to purchase the cards and also donate. on the site we’d have a few short videos of the dogs to pull at heart strings and available to share on social media to help spread the word to the public.

big IDEA

idea uno //  first friday exhibit! rent a wall for a collage type work/or series of works that display the needs for the shelters and the stories of these animals. have a podium with a donation box in front with also takeaway cards/stickers.

What are the desired outcomes? people become aware of the issues at hand and are able to donate and become more aware of the needs

How could a systematic approach achieve those? being methodical in what imagery we create for the artwork so it leaves a strong lasting impression and educates to ignite change

Consider the basic components you’d need: canvas, fee for first friday space, podium, donation box, leave behinds, materials to create the art/collage

What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? being present during the showing and asking the viewers thoughts

idea dos // sevenly t-shirt style. make our own screen print with mix of embroidery

What are the desired outcomes? all proceeds from sales would go to the humane society. the graphics would educate about the needs of the shelter/animals

How could a systematic approach achieve those? being selective and creative on what imagery would appeal to millennial on a shirt but would also provide the insight into the shelter’s needs. also being tactful on where we set up shop.

Consider the basic components you’d need: shirts, screen printing stuff, embroidery thread, needles, flyers/cards

What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? research sevenly’s approach  and style for how to create our moving graphics

idea tres // kickball with dogs/dog park location/flyering by hand/event mixing music with animals

What are the desired outcomes? getting people involved with the pets face to face and creating bonds with them so they would feel more compelled to donate/adopt/volunteer

How could a systematic approach achieve those? setting up a schedule of getting the word out for the event and making sure we are able to have the resources needed

Consider the basic components you’d need: field/dog park, doggies, kickballs, flyers/cards

What approaches for research, audience feedback will you employ? attending the kickball game, getting to know people while flyering, and sharing our story

audience research

i am working with brittany hand in visual advocacy! we are wanting to focus our design for good on animals!

Audience #1: Who are you trying to help?
· Animal Control/Animal Rescue
· Abused/under-cared dogs and cats, and those helping them

Audience #2: Who are you trying to reach?
· Possible adopters and donorsWho are the stakeholders?
· The shelter we choose to work with
· Animal hospitals
· Pet owners
· Volunteers
· Pet stores

Who will be affected both positively and negatively?
· The animals and the shelter

How are these people related to the problem?
· The problem is that these animals need a good home with better treatmentWhat are the needs for each of your audiences?
Audience #1 (Animal Control/Animal Rescue)

Audience #2 (Possible adopters and donors)
· A strong love for animals
· A safe home
· Awareness
How does your idea support (or change) those needs for each?
· These are all things that we are willing and capable of doing, and we hope to get people involved with the same qualitiesWho are you communicating this need to?
· Pet owners and anyone else compassionate

· They are probably the ones most likely wanting to help