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audience research

i am working with brittany hand in visual advocacy! we are wanting to focus our design for good on animals!

Audience #1: Who are you trying to help?
· Animal Control/Animal Rescue
· Abused/under-cared dogs and cats, and those helping them

Audience #2: Who are you trying to reach?
· Possible adopters and donorsWho are the stakeholders?
· The shelter we choose to work with
· Animal hospitals
· Pet owners
· Volunteers
· Pet stores

Who will be affected both positively and negatively?
· The animals and the shelter

How are these people related to the problem?
· The problem is that these animals need a good home with better treatmentWhat are the needs for each of your audiences?
Audience #1 (Animal Control/Animal Rescue)

Audience #2 (Possible adopters and donors)
· A strong love for animals
· A safe home
· Awareness
How does your idea support (or change) those needs for each?
· These are all things that we are willing and capable of doing, and we hope to get people involved with the same qualitiesWho are you communicating this need to?
· Pet owners and anyone else compassionate

· They are probably the ones most likely wanting to help