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layout inspiration


Monica’s Garamond book inspiration was the most appealing to me. there’s play on hierarchy within the grid, and a sense of humor with the use of quotes. it exemplifies how an interesting layout can be created with only black and white and utilizing the grid with different justifications and size variations. a couple of Juanita’s rely on enlarged letters which will nicely showcase the characteristics of the typeface. Nick’s inspiration incorporate a lot of information without being overwhelming. The first two follow a grid and the last one doesn’t really seem like it does but the contrast of the large letter form to the smaller alphabet is playful and keeps the eye wondering.


typographic mark finding

at work sunday a customer brought in a ton of blueprints to get done and the company had a typographic mark that really grabbed my attention. it takes advantage of the negative spaces of the letterforms, much like what I did with my mark that I created. it uses basic geometric shapes to imply another form, not sure what the circle is doing though..