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striving for perfection

please recreate this!    I received the Clarendon m in my random picking. redrawing the m perfectly started off smoothly when I laid out all the straight lines and small curves of the brackets, but as I got to the point of doing the top rounded strokes it really took more planning to get it perfect. I still think it could use a little more time perfecting the curves to be exact but it is quite a close rendition.


I took to a needle and thread for labeling the anatomy of my letter e. I feel the thinness of thread matches up with the thin stroke found in my design. with stitching on the labels I was able to recreate the form of the e within the letterforms of the words. it makes the e and the labels cohesive. in Jennifer’s critique she mentioned that all the labels should be the same color so they all have the same importance. I do agree. having the different colors makes us want to group them together (gestalt!), having the labels all one color would of gave equal emphasis.

aaaaa to age

given fives typefaces to choose from, we selected three letters that appealed to us. then once again like in the a sketches, we put our own spin on the letterform after exploring the key features of each form. then applied it on a larger scale, approximately twenty-three by thirty inch paper with sharpie marker.

futura – A  // here I saw a rocket ship, interpreting the legs as flames. this form I repeated to create a complex, balanced composition

bodoni – g // with this letter I put a calligraphic feel to it. on the bottom half, the descender, I switched up the thick and thinner lines to bring the weight to the outside of the letterform instead of having a bold piece in the center. the large terminal in the original form brought a quirkiness to the letter which I wanted to bring to my design as well.

garamond – e // the e before seemed a bit plain compared to some of the other letterform in this particular typeface. I wanted to bring some of the characteristics of the other letters into this form. at the end of the cross stroke I incorporated the shape of most of the serifs seen on the other letters. when creating the bowl I wanted to emphasize the decrease in size by thinning out the stroke to the terminal. by accomplishing this it brought some of the elements of the garamond y into play.