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examiner: wireframes

first project in information architecture is to redevelop the website for a newspaper. i have chosen to work on my hometown’s local paper, the examiner.

idea 1.

idea 2.

idea 3.

idea 4.

moving forward i worked on idea 1 to create medium-fidelity digital wireframes

for the design phase i will be adding in all content and flushing out the bar graph/infographic navigation bar on the home screen.


website had a few changes with having the image be seen at the same time as the definition and I fixed “hyberbole” and also put in intrinsic and extrinsic ethos.

and with the gun poster i went back to my original by taking out the caption which i thought was unnecessary because it didn’t really add much. the image really just speaks for itself and clearly demonstrates topic of the poster.


almost there

working on editing photos of the shirley model and creating the key note

and also changing up my artifacts, still thinking about redoing my symbol as well

ipad article

this is fun. now we transformed print into digital using handy dandy mag+. keeping with the concept from the magazine, i worked with layering shirley with the depression. i added in 3 videos: one of the depression, one of fdr, and one of shirley singing good ship lollipop. and also included at the beginning the audio of the lyric you gotta s-m-i-l-e, and then at the end put in a panning timeline of events of shirley with events of the depression. video of the app in action soon to come.

space update

i have now got the separator wall built with stairs to the elevated floor. the entrance wall is curved, and the wall behind is also going be as well. that wall is going to have an image of the depression, then cut outs of shirley with openings for visitors to plug in their faces, will stand in front. and then the back large wall is still going to say ‘you gotta s-m-i-l-e’ and there are going to be circle mirrors arranged across the wall so visitors can practice their smiles and their shirley faces. and then there is the last long wall….i think i’m going to make a timeline with her movie career mixed with the events of the depression to bring some sort of quantitative aspect to the space.

Model concept


Right now I’m working with the idea of hiding behind her smile like I did for the magazine article. On further development I plan on using transparency or vellum to make layers of images and text. There is a display of the dolls she has been made into, and also a screen on platform a few step up where her film or short bio would be playing.