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a touch of happy.

to go along with our degree project, we have designed a book with our experiences and processes throughout the entire semester. it’s a look into the minds of brionica as we created FEEL. we plan on continuing to include content all the way up to graduation. were hoping to max it out at 200ish pages. this book is going to be a great keepsake once finished and sent to blurb to be printed.

type collective

in one giant post… b. huff and i went around the crossroads and photographed so awesome type. here are a few of my favorites that I took//

and our presentation of initial findings and paragraph about the crossroads //

we decided we think it would be fun to try and figure out a flip book using a majority of our images and playing with saying kansas city one way, and then crossroads the next. here are the videos of inspiration from the presentation // we made a miniature to help figure out how text would work, and then figured out our page scale and grid for the images, as well as storyboard out the animation of the color and text //

we went on to write our copy… KANSAS CITY | CROSSROADS ¬†Just a step away from downtown Kansas City, The Crossroads is an eclectic hub for the visual arts. With countless galleries and restaurants filling up renovated warehouses and industrial buildings, this little neighborhood has plenty of character to go around. Home of First Fridays and concert events, do not miss out on what these streets have to offer. JAN 30, 2015 | A COLLECTION ¬†Home to ad agencies and art galleries, the movement of the crossroads is not evident on the streets on a brisk Friday morning in February. Pop inside a coffeeshop or place of work and things are brought to life. Waiting for a warm beverage, people are conversing and checking their email on their laptops as they enjoy their breakfast. Home to creatives and rebels alike, the alley ways sport bright colors and distinguished typographic styles. The industrial buildings and loft spaces combine history with modernism. Cultures combine and flourish together in this Kansas City neighborhood. and then a bunch of page cutting out later, here’s our final book in motion!


after reading this article // smile you’re speaking emoji

i found this gem of a little video //

As hand held mobile technology continues to become our main means of communicated, it is reasonable to say that we have grown to be a visually dominant group of people. A stream of emojis turns an ordinary line of text into images that mean a thousand words. I think we enjoy the playfulness of the emoji and the short puzzle game presented my a paragraph full of them. As we continue our fast paced lives, the emoji will surely live long and prosper as a way to communicate our feelings in just a few taps on a keyboard.