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a touch of happy.

to go along with our degree project, we have designed a book with our experiences and processes throughout the entire semester. it’s a look into the minds of brionica as we created FEEL. we plan on continuing to include content all the way up to graduation. were hoping to max it out at 200ish pages. this book is going to be a great keepsake once finished and sent to blurb to be printed.

week 11

we filmed people interacting with FEEL. it was fun and really interesting to just watch people discover the sounds and the different ways to connect the circuit. can’t wait for the show.


we are also working on the script for our video and mashing clips together.

we found a cool song that would go well faint in the background. we are in the process of obtaining it.

8 & 9

week 8 was spring break. but we didn’t break, we went hard. monica and I started out by having an ihop to do list meeting. we then broke out the power tools and got messy as we took over the entire studio to build our interactive table. it was quite the transformation.

when school started up again, we worked on writing out our instructions and laying out where the vinyl would go. then we printed and applied! topped with 5 coats of polyurethane.

on friday we presented our updates to the class and visitors Martin Venezky and John Foster.

everyone seemed to enjoy the discovery and new experience. #atouchofhappy


seven weeks of feels

over the weekend we went out to get our supplies, that are so giant and also #butts, then explored using different sound effects as we got ready for our midterm presentation //

after the presentation we decided to tweak our table to be an oval, so it’s more inviting for people to gather around, and less likely to get knocked into and endanger our visitors. we are also greatly decreasing the amount of body copy //

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.51.33 PM


we’ve got our files set up for the cnc and today’s a wood shop work day.