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illustrating an idea

the three stories from t.c. boyle that I used were: the lie, hands on, and la conchita. starting with the sketches, it was hard to put down something for each theme but I worked through it and here are the ones that got the best response we had our small group crit.

the final main images show true to their themes, while the subordinate themes do need some rethinking since they are not as direct. the type needs some adjusting too since at a smaller scale it is not legible.

the lie story seems to have came out the best as a complete set of themes.

taking the hands on photos were entertaining to take. it was a little uncomfortable taking such up close pictures

placing the images in a realistic setting is quite eye opening. picturing it from a true viewer stand point really points out how well the covers work and how they don’t.

t.c. boyle

THE LIE  //   deceit / selfishness / absence

it started as one lie to get out of going in to work. it grew until everything didn’t exist anymore.

for deceit..still thinking about it. for selfishness…for absence, have a line of objects but then have a break in the pattern with and empty space with a spot light on it.

HANDS ON  //  age / acceptance / true vs fake beauty

a trip to get botox ends up being a mental break down.

for depicting age I might do a close up image of the wrinkles around an eye, or maybe wrinkled up paper creases.  for acceptance, a person looking back and almost glaring at a person behind. for beauty have a split look at one that looks natural and one person who does not.

LA CONCHITA  //  pressure / time / tenacity

a down pour of rain. eighty-five mph. a liver in the trunk. a mudslide ahead. a recipient waiting. a husband and girl buried. one hero.

for pressure maybe have an object being pressed down upon or pushed up against from both sides. for time perhaps someone sitting in a room staring down a clock on the wall. for tenacity, strong hands gripping a shovel.