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youth, joy, entertainment, and optimism; the essence of one shirley temple. for branding this pop icon i focused on contrasting and layering her with the depression because, essentially, the people hid behind the little girl’s smile to make it through the rough years of the 30s.



almost there

working on editing photos of the shirley model and creating the key note

and also changing up my artifacts, still thinking about redoing my symbol as well

space update

i have now got the separator wall built with stairs to the elevated floor. the entrance wall is curved, and the wall behind is also going be as well. that wall is going to have an image of the depression, then cut outs of shirley with openings for visitors to plug in their faces, will stand in front. and then the back large wall is still going to say ‘you gotta s-m-i-l-e’ and there are going to be circle mirrors arranged across the wall so visitors can practice their smiles and their shirley faces. and then there is the last long wall….i think i’m going to make a timeline with her movie career mixed with the events of the depression to bring some sort of quantitative aspect to the space.

Model concept


Right now I’m working with the idea of hiding behind her smile like I did for the magazine article. On further development I plan on using transparency or vellum to make layers of images and text. There is a display of the dolls she has been made into, and also a screen on platform a few step up where her film or short bio would be playing.

surely it’s shirley

did quite a bit of reworking since crit. after working with my type book i got a different inspiration to go along with. now i think the elements more clearly demonstrate my attributes and who shirley temple was as a child star.

shirley // round 1 artifacts

pop surely identified

project tres// create an identity for a pop icon by developing a visual system across various applications

shirley temple. 4/23/1928. child star during the great depression. now u.s. diplomat.shirleyhoneybooboo

she was the leading child actor of her time, fdr called her “little miss miracle” for boosting morale during the hardship of the times; “as long as our country has shirley temple, we will be all right.” she has been featured in around 60 titles. capturing an academy award, screen actors guild life time achievement award, and a star on the walk of fame.

concept thoughts//

animal crackers in a bowl of soup // her corkscrew curls // goodship lollipop // overalls // cheeks, wide eyes, pursed lips // dimples // hand drawn typography based?

essence attributes//

spunky // bouncy // joyous // charming // delightful // infectious // optimism // hope // magical // happy


“When I was 14, I was the oldest I ever was…. I’ve been getting younger ever since.”