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moving into the half title/title/contents/introduction i have  introduced color instead of the grey, pretty sure this will not be the final color, for now it’s a place holder, i dig the vibrancy but it needs toned down. still working with reflecting the lines and perpendicular angles seen in koenig’s architecture. still need to tweak my body copy to fit a bit better on the introduction page. but as i continue working and reworking the content i also need to keep in mind creating drama and sticking to my concept and structuring to the grid. keep going, keep going, focus, keep going, focus, focus, focus.

a start

here is my first round of ideas for an opener, image dominant, and text dominant spreads for the pierre koenig book. i decided to complete the spreads for all of the schwartz house content. with the koenig book i am building off of the architecture’s structure and showcasing it’s details with repetition and overlapping/interrupting images, and adding in formal elements to assist in creating movement across the pages. for my type i am using the family of source sans for it’s clarity with body copy, the variety of weights allow for having headlines/subheads/notes. i still need to go in and fix the scanned images. i think there’s something here, but need to really nail down a key concept. and make sure to not get too cluttered with my compositions, need to keep it streamlined like koenig’s work.