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ux:4. how to final video

a quirky, fun how to for the crafty parent ready to take on an easy activity with their child.

nick and i strayed quite a bit from our original plan from storyboarding. once we began filming, we just had to go with the flow and work around our star miss five year old lauren. who did a great job making our video portray the characteristics that we set out to capture in our video. once we put the video together we were quite satisfied with having no voice over, but the narration does add a bit more whimsy, character and also added clarification of the process. both versions are posted below.

with narration//


without narration//

ux: 2.0 test run.

neither of us had actually made paper in a while so we did a test run using our method. and it worked! we made some fun sheets of paper with confetti stars. it was fairly simple and not very time consuming. all of our supplies we already had or picked up at the dollar store, the most expensive item was the screening material. definitely a fun little craft project.

we have also enlisted the stars of our video, and will be shooting saturday at my dad’s casa.

user x: 1. let’s make paper.

user experience. project one. how to video. partnered with nick.
target audiences//
– The Pinterest / millennial generation (our generation)
– The crafty parent / child duo.
preliminary attributes//
– The Pinterest / millennial group: more straightforward and “hip”
– The crafty parent and child audience: quirky, fun, entertaining, and hand-drawn. It could even include a child in the video itself or have a child narrate the video.
the stuff//
paper [recycle!!]
warm water
2 frames
screen material
hot glue [or staples]
optional additional materials//
flowers, grass, vegetation
colored paper chunks
dye to make swirl patterns

now, let’s make paper//

  1. make frame and deckle (explain deckle)
  2. cut screen 1/2″ smaller than frame, edge to edge
  3. pull screen tightly across frame and glue down with hot glue (or use staples)
  4. place deckle onto frame (screen side up)
  5. velcro the two sections together (or hold tightly)
  6. shred paper
  7. put paper into blender
  8. fill blender with warm water with enough to cover paper plus a little extra
  9. cover blender and pulse a few times
  10. blend for 30 seconds
  11. pour pulp and water into tub / pan
  12. lower deckle and frame into tub
  13. shake over tub for even distribution
  14. gently lift out of tub, let water drain over tub.
  15. remove velcro and deckle
  16. place felt on top of wet paper sheet
  17. flip screen and paper onto flat tray
  18. use sponge to soak up water from the paper through the screen
  19. remove screen
  20. flip onto newspaper
  21. remove felt
  22. let paper dry over night


inspirational videos//