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the batiste collection

from poster, to billboard, to motion piece, i present jazz artist jon batiste.


I had an interesting time creating the motion piece, linking up the actions with the music really brought it to life. there’s still some room for getting the timing just right, but i edited the motions to fit with the lyrics/callouts. once the motion piece was complete i went back to finish the billboard, which is a combination of the elements from the poster and video. i edited down some of the information on the billboard because it was getting cluttered. but it nicely pulls together what’s seen in the video with the original poster. ¬†the consistency of the three pieces is not quite one hundred percent, but they compliment each other well and can work as system.


here’s what i’ve been working on so far for the billboard. it’s been a puzzle trying to get the elements situated correctly, i’m still not sure if this is the right composition, but it’s what i keep coming back to. any suggestions? then for the motion piece, so far i’ve drawn out a storyboard for what i plan on creating.

folly theater poster // jon batiste

final poster for jon batiste and stay human. i have mocked it up in the frames, if chosen this is where it will call home. the colors of the poster i find really compliment the red casing. the colors were chosen to showcase jon’s vibrant personality, but also how he can take on a more somber tone of jazz. i focused in more on his energy and enthusiasm that he brings out when he performs and how it spreads with the audience. the different layers and textures created by the overlapping, give it variety and allude to how simple/complex his music/performances can range from. the white puts a spotlight on the piano keys and the triangle alludes to the movement of playing the his instrument of choice. energetic, playful, stylish, engaging, jon batiste.

new direction

wednesday i presented the green poster. from the feedback at crit there was more love for the previous version. but with this composition i was struggling with the illustrations. i wanted to portray the happiness and love he spreads with his interaction with his audience, but the way it was depicted really leaned into a juvenile feeling. being a bit frustrated and unhappy with the direction, i decided to go back to a thumbnail sketch to give my self a break and see what would come about. after exploration i think i’ve found my self in a happy place. the new composition reads more contemporary and modern like the young entertainer that jon batiste is. the color exploration helped transition this version into something a bit more successful. the formal elements of alluding to a spot light on the piano, shows that he is the main player ¬†within the group. the layers of different shapes show the layers of sounds from the instruments. from this point i am going to work on fine tuning and getting everything in the exact place.

3 concepts

the first demonstrates the happy and energetic music that jon batiste creates, and then the other two relate back to how he likes to perform in subways and on the streets, and surprise his audience and get them involved. the third idea needs the most exploration to define the text and to clearly correlate as a rendition of a subway map.


folly theatre poster

jon batiste and stay human // january 17 // 8pm