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designer poster process

going through this process i played with a lot of different ways to incorporate the text, but in the end having only a few ways to showcase the information works out best. it’s less cluttered and allows for better legibility. this is something i have learned from my designer. make things cohesive and easy for the viewer to interact with, while have a bold, eye catching design. and also to embrace three dimensionality and beauty of incorporating graphics outdoors. i think i still need to work on bringing deborah’s ideologies into my own practice, but i’m working on it. sometimes i tend to over work and complicate things, however i think since i have realized this i can now fix my down fall. i think this poster, after some struggling,  came to a great place in the end.

designer poster // final for now


i think there’s still something missing are lacking in the newest poster. although it is now much more legible and and less messy, there are some craft issues that need to be resolved with the actual photograph.  i decided to take my components outside and place them on a ledge of vanderslice hall, which goes with how most of  deborah’s work is outdoors.

the images below are what came before the above iteration.

poster iterations

exploring two different routes// one goes with the substance of environmental design with it being three dimensional and built. and then on the flip side i stuck with digitally creating statements with blocks of color to highlight the text much like the graphics sussman creates. so i have a very textual concept and then a very digital/flat concept. i know the built concept is the way i would like to take this poster, it’s just figuring out the right layout and composition that incorporates all the components harmoniously.

axial hierarchy exercises

here are the winners from each category //

poster hierarchy exercises

hierarchy plays a strong role in graphic design when emphasizing individual elements in a composition. so here are some experiments with hierarchy using the text that would be included on the designer lecture poster. in most of them i wanted to create some sense of movement, considering deborah creates way finding graphics, i tried to lead your eye around as her environmental designs would //